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Large bore double acting welded hydraulic cylinder for the agricultural industry

Challenge: Pushing our manufacturing and equipment boundaries with the production of large and heavy cylinders.

Pneu-Hyd Industries was commissioned to complete the design and manufacturing of a large bore double acting hydraulic cylinder for a customer in the agricultural industry. This cylinder would be used in a plow application to create trenches, raising and lowering the blade into the ground. The sheer size and weight of this unit was a challenge to physically handle, and upgrades were made to our facility to enable the efficient managing of this unit and the intended construction of future large parts. The installation of a larger overhead crane allowed easier movement of large units between workstations. Special considerations were taken to ensure the cylinder would perform optimally and maintain integrity during the stresses of its demanding application, selecting the proper barrel wall thickness and paying careful attention to the strength of the welds.

CNC turning and VMC milling processes were carried out to create the specified components, along with certified welding techniques. The bore size was 12", and the retracted closed length was 99". Stroke length measured 35", and the 5" chrome plated rod has a 75K tensile strength. Two 1 5/16 - 12 O-ring boss ports were incorporated, and custom mountings include two 1.5" thick steel plates welded to form a clevis mount on the blank end, and a 7" diameter 10" long cross tube rod end mount. A manifold block special attachment was created to house the extend port, connected to the retract port with an external hydraulic tube. Chrome plating was applied where necessary for corrosion protection and durability. This cylinder was designed to operate at 3000 PSI, and was completed in a 5 to 6 week turnaround time to the full satisfaction of the customer. Our success with this large fabrication has been rewarded with repeat orders. For more information about this custom agricultural plow cylinder project, or our other large cylinder manufacturing capabilities please see the table below or contact us directly.


Product Description
Large Bore Double Acting Welded Hydraulic Cylinder used to raise and lower a large plow blade into the ground.

Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Engineering Design
  • Saw Cutting
  • CNC Machining & VMC Machining
    • CNC Turning
    • VMC Milling
  • Welding
  • Assembly
  • Chrome Plating - Thickness: 0.001"

Product Specifications
  • Bore Size - 12" Bore
  • Stroke - 35" Stroke
  • Rod - 5" Chrome Plated Rod
    • 75 K Tensile Strength
  • Closed Length - 99" Retracted
  • Ports - Two 1 5/16 -12 O-ring Boss Ports
  • Mounts
    • Blank End - Two 1.5" thick steel plates welded to Blank end to form a clevis
    • Rod End - 7" diameter, 10" long cross tube
  • Operating Pressure - 3000 PSI

Additional Facts

Special Attachments - Manifold block which housed the extend port that was connected to the retract port with an external hydraulic tube

In process testing/inspection performed

In process testing performed at each work station and final inspection performed upon completion.

Industry for Use


Delivery/Turnaround Time

5-6 weeks from approval drawing signed off

Delivery Location


Standards Met

Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing

Product Name

Agricultural Plow Cylinder

In addition to our ISO 9001 designation, we also carry a number of industry recognized certifications.

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